Asset Tracking, Data Capture, IoT | GPS Devices, Analytics and System Design

Internet of Things (IoT) Devices provide efficient and low-cost solutions to track everything! They can be used to gather numerous data points including:

  • Location
  • Time stamps showing chain of custody
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Shock (G Forces)
  • Light
  • Altitude

Enable iOT development and interface to Warehouse Management Systems

Kalan Technologies provides a cost effective cloud based asset tracking system.

Smart Pallet and Reusable Packaging system:

Integrated Pallets

Reusable pallets with integrated track and trace device

Bins and Trace

Bins and totes with and without integrated track and trace

State of the art tracking

Industry leading location device for intelligent asset tracking.

Zero Maintenance Hardware

No charging required and no SIM or battery change necessary either. Industrial standard components built to last.

We are the complete Asset Tracking Provider

Contact us for a consultation. Kalan Technologies for secure and tracking of your Pallet Goods.

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Kalan Technologies Specializes in:

  • Asset Tracking
    Element 1
  • Trailer Tracking
    Element 2
  • Reusable Packaging
    Element 3
  • Sales | Marketing
    Element 4
  • Refrigeration
    Element 5

Asset Tracking Data Capture, IoT/ GPS Devices, Analytics and System Design

Trailer & Tractor Tracking Devices, Systems and Actionable Analytics

Reusable Packaging Supply Chain Sourcing and Consulting

Professional Sales & Marketing Representation

Refrigeration and Utility Optimization Devices , Services and Consulting

Current Kalan Tech Channel Partners:

We believe in creating value to clients and not just selling product to customers. Kalan Technologies is the manufacturer of all it's tracking products and stands by them with 5 year warranties. Saving time, energy and expense is a foundation to Kalan's philosophy and mission .

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Kalan Technology is an American owned company. We have always designed and engineered our products in-house, and stand behind our technologies by creating the most energy efficient devices in the marketplace.

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